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Residential Home Inspections


A full home inspection of your current residence for maintenance requirements or energy reduction needs. Also the inspection of your future residential dream. All inspections are completed with infrared imaging and industry leading building inspection reporting software.

Infrared Inspections

Infrared  thermal imaging

Infrared Thermography Certified Inspector. Ability to discover home inspection conditions which exist, but are hidden from the naked eye.

Mold Inspections

Mold inspection

Mold inspections are available to be performed as an ancillary building inspection service. IAC2 standards govern all mold home inspection testing, these standards are located on service standards page.

Additional Inspection Services are Available

Certified Professional Inspector®️available for,

Residential Inspection 

Commercial  Inspection 

Pre Purchase Inspection 

Mold  Inspection 

Tree Inspection 

Infared Thermography (IR) Inspection 

Garage Inspection 

HVAC Inspection 

Electrical Inspection 

Plumbing Inspection 

Structure and Foundation Inspection 

Roof Inspection 

Moisture Intrusion Inspection 

Log Home Inspection 

Kitchen Appliance Inspection 

Indoor Air Quality  Inspection 

Exterior Inspection 

Decks Inspection 

Crawlspace Inspection 

Chimney Inspection 

Fireplace Inspection 

Stoves Inspection 

Annual Inspection 

Insurance Four Point Inspection 

TIS LLC is available for most of your inspection service requirements. Feel free to contact at your convenience for a personalized inspection estimate.


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